What is SiSopen?

An intelligence system to manage teaching, learning and assessment more effectively and efficiently. SiSopen allows teachers in education to focus on the dream of the learners, rather than to fight against the deficit of learners, meaning that teachers will work with what they have, rather than complaining about what they don’t have.

Through the process of data decision-making, teachers in the system will be empowered to find solutions to problems that others have dealt with, through social networking and linking colleagues through the approach of connectivism.

High Level Features

School Setup


Learner's Dreams

Learner Marks

Target Setting

Developmental Assets

Risk Analysis


The benefits you obtain with SiSopen

Target Setting

The system uses the promotion schedules of the previous year to set the targets for each individual Learner taking into account their respective dream jobs

Developmental Assets

Is a questionnaire that each Learner completes which identifies a set of skills, experiences, relationships, and behaviors that enable young people to develop into successful and contributing adults

Portal linked to a user role

Each Learner should have a dream job which will assist with subject choices and targets to reach

Risk Analysis

The system uses the promotion marks to perform a risk analysis of learners’ performance, and projecting the level of performance of individual and grade groups of learners, at the beginning of the year as a forecasting exercise This will then assist the school leadership to put in place intervention strategies where the forecasted performance levels are not in line with the expected levels of performance

Learner Dreams

Has 6 levels of users which gives a unique ‘feel’ of data and information that is relevant to them, and how they can contribute to the success of every learner in the school system. The Portals are Principal, Learners, Parents, Teachers, HODs and Circuit Managers

Protecting the 170 Days

Ensures that Learners receives the minimum of 170 teaching days per year

How SiSopen differs from other educational systems

SiSopen is a systemic online solution aimed at generating 'intelligence' related to schools and schooling. Dr Muavia Gallie, the architect behind the turnaround methodology and designer of SiSopen argues that there are four types of systems, namely:

Data Systems

Data systems are focusing on depository functions of collecting data items or events out of context within not relation to other data in the same system,

Information Systems

Information systems are developing understanding between the relations of the data items and other information,

Knowledge Systems

Knowledge systems attempts to understand the patterns among and between the data, information and possible other knowledge and,

SiSopen Intelligent System

An intelligent system, understands and recognizes that knowledge patterns arise from fundamental principles. And by understanding these deeper principles, we can influence the various data items to either ‘stay the same’ if we are happy with them, ‘change them’ if we are not happy with the results, and ‘replace them’ if we take on a new focus.

Our focus

SiSopen focuses deeply on the data and information necessary to manage schools more effective and efficient in a proactive way, rather than generating bureaucratic reports for departmental officials.

The data collection philosophy of the system is designed to ensure that the 'suppliers of the data' get the benefit of getting back their data in a form that allows them to evaluate and/or improve their performance.